Our Collaborators

Our Collaborators

We believe that we all learn and develop together and, as such, everyone we connect with are collaborators.  Through working with others to help develop businesses, we are challenged to develop our understanding and delivery to better meet the bespoke needs.  Together we build better ways to demonstrate our Social Profit and ability to be creative, innovative and deliverers of solutions that help build sustainability in our communities.  We value all our collaborators and hope together we can promote each other, building stronger foundations in our work together.

We are enriched by the collaborations we have.  If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us.

It’s nearly 70 years since Action Hampshire was set up and it’s been supporting voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations to deliver great services to local people and communities ever since; speaking up for the changes they would like to see; and shaping the future of where they live and work.

Stimulate the planning and development of community projects in multi-racial urban areas
by training and educating potential project leaders from within the local community in and
around the Ealing Borough of London.

Autek employs autistic and disabled people to make public places like leisure centres,
schools, and clinics more open and accessible. As a neurodiverse team, we each offer our
own perspectives, providing authentic services for us, by us.

Building a new global impact initiative called 'Beads of Hope' which is about revival. They
will be creating a larger-than-life string of beads, individually set in areas of the world in
need of hope, decorated by artists with locally based themes to trigger conversations.
Beads that will inspire and unite as they thread together virtually around the globe.

I am a counsellor with the skills and experience to work with whatever issues you bring.  I am able to explore and help you by challenging unhealthy patterns of thinking. I am a person-centred counsellor – using a humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously rather than how a counsellor can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas. I will be working with you as a unique individual, with a unique life story.

Welcome to Board in the City! We are a tabletop gaming café that pride ourselves in our all-inclusive culture and extensive outreach work. We have hundreds of games to tickle anyone’s fancy, catering for casual cards players to those deep into their D&D adventures.

Provide forest school and outdoor learning for children, young people and families, engaging through nature and building relationships to provide holistic learning through play and exploration in woodland. Children learn to handle risks and use their own initiative to problem solve and cooperate with others. This hands on learning builds self -esteem, confidence and motivation, the skills needed to be effective learners. 

Flowing off the ethos of the kettle is on… Participants enjoy refreshment alongside varied
planned intergenerational activities and informal encounters.

Compassionate Cuppa was created because I truly believe to support people at the level they really need, one needs to be there with them to listen to find what they need that’s helpful for them specifically 

Create & Prosper workshops CIC began very slowly in Oct 17 and has grown, as I have over the last 2 years. SSE has helped me in many ways but gaining 2 Directors and becoming a community interest company has been key. Create & Prosper benefits the community by increasing understanding of the Art for wellbeing process and the benefits that brings to individuals.

Bridging the gap for immigrants in Southampton by providing a welcoming and friendly forum space where people from different cultures can meet together. Empowering immigrants and underprivileged people, with skills to give them confidence to integrate in the society with dignity

There are many passionate people in the world who want to do something good for the community, but lack the digital skills required.  Digital for Humanity CIC help social profit organisations and social entrepreneurs to fully utilise the power of digital technologies to achieve greater reach, impact and success in their goals.

An imperfectly perfect solution to a business’ IT and Media. A passionate CIC with a vision to
drop the barriers on IT and make media simple and accessible for all. A multifaceted
organisation who can hold online or hybrid conferencing, create websites, IT support and
much more.

The Dual Diagnosis Hub provides & signposts information, advice, recovery tools, & support for those with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues, their family members, carers and friends and to the professionals who work with them. 

Supporting people’s mental health and well-being through filmmaking, creating media
content and teaching trade skills. Mission is to inspire and equip people to be able to lead
better lives and open them up to new career opportunities. Enable the community to tell
people’s stories, share messages of hope and make awareness videos while teaching new
skills. Also create promotional videos, media content and film events for any occasion.

Improving the way we use our hearing in everyday life so that we can all build stronger relationships and enjoy our working lives more.

Supporting people who are in addiction recovery, providing gardening services to local
businesses, community organisations and the general public, based in Alton on the
Surrey/Hampshire border.

AT PLANET AWARE we develop creative, fun and effective campaigns in the Solent area that help people make smarter environmental choices. Our aim is to help cut the amount we consume – from plastics to power – and make better use of the world’s resources. Based in the Solent with some 200 miles of coastline our projects have a big ocean focus and are often created with the seas and coast in mind.

Based at Hilsea Lines in Portsmouth, delivering high-quality educational activities and
outdoor experiences. Aim is to get people of all ages and backgrounds out into the woods,
enjoying and noticing nature and the world around them and consequently feeling the
benefits socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

What is Rotary? We believe it can be a catalyst for Social Change. Our group brings people together with ideas to help bring about sustainable Social Change in our communities, sharing vision, working together to take action in partnership with others.

By being an advocate for menstrual health, Speicallady Awareness CIC aims to raise awareness of and empower a diverse community engagement to discuss women’s health issues. Women and youth are empowered to talk openly about women’s health issues and manage gynaecological conditions with appropriate support. 

Toucan’s objective is to educate and increase awareness of the challenges disabled people face. This will be done by providing:

  • Disability Equality & Awareness Training
  • Open discussions, presentations, group work, practical advice.
  • Online Disability Awareness Training
  • Helping to Create Job opportunities for disabled people.

What’s it like? is conceived, created and tested by those living with anxiety, who identified the need. Meaning it will make genuine change for these peoples’ lives.

Our approach is a supported, step-by-step experience gradually increasing the level of immersion to ensure that anxiety is managed and that the goal of attendance is achieved.  And that over time our users develop new skills of managing anxiety through technology.

Providing help and support to Armed Forces Veterans, reservists, emergency service personnel and their families, to enable transition and integration into the local community, tackling social isolation.

Helping and supporting veterans who are suffering with their mental health and are struggling to manage PTSD.  We do this by walking and talking amongst other veterans, hiking in the outdoors and challenges that we host.